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7 Powerful Herbal Remedies You Can Grow At Home


Some of the world’s best medicine can be grown in your backyard. In fact, you might already have some in your herb garden. Maybe you’re even using one or two of these as supplements.

There’s no denying the powerful remedies that are found in herbs.

While we have to advise seeking medical attention if necessary, these plants can provide relief from common aches, pains and illnesses without side effects.

Therefore, you can use these natural herbal remedies without worrying about what if’s, knowing that it can’t hurt to try within reason. We’re talking about topical treatments for sore muscles, cold killers, natural sleep aids and more.

17. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a natural anxiety remedies, and it has stress-busting benefits. It’s also good for a myriad of other issues. Applying lemon balm-infused lip balm can shorten the lifespan of cold sores.

Lemon balm is also a great way to beat insomnia and get better sleep. You can also use it for miscellaneous pains, namely toothaches and cramps. Lastly, it’s being researched for mental health benefits including therapeutic treatment for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or in people with ADHD.

Having lemon balm essential oils or tea handy is a relaxing way to wind down and get a few added mood benefits. Finally, remember not to combine this herb with other sedative-like drugs.