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Man Flashes at the Playground and Dad Takes Action


He’s Flashing Kids At The Playground. When You See What Dad Does? Wow!

Periodically, news hits the internet about a real creep. In this instance, it was a man wearing a bathrobe who decided to flash while at a playground. It’s unfortunate to hear that such things happen. However, sometimes it can be a good thing when kids are flashed – as long as there is a positive message behind it all. This is what happened here.

A man in a bathrobe decided to flash at a playground. However, underneath the robe, he was completely dressed. The message that he was trying to get across was on his t-shirt: STAY IN SCHOOL.

The man first goes up to a little boy on a slide and then flashes his robe wide open. Within seconds, a woman comes running up behind him and smacks him with her purse. He starts laughing and is finally able to get his robe open to show her what’s going on. She then realizes what he has done and walks away.

It happens again when a woman and her daughter are walking into a playground and he steps in front of the daughter and says “Peek a Boo!” and flashes his robe. She starts to yell and then he opens his robe up wider so the mother can read the message. He gave her a hug and then asked the woman if he really thought he would do something like that.

The man does it once again in a park and exposes what’s underneath his robe. The father of the girl sees and tears after him, giving him a push. The message this time: DON’T DO DRUGS. The father and him have a good laugh and then he’s off to his next “victim”.

He approaches another girl in her teens with the same message and the mom stops him. It is the daughter that explains to the mom that his flashing is of the good kind because of his message.

The joke continues throughout many people and the reaction is almost always the same. People would rather assume the worst and think that someone is flashing their children than to take the time and read the actual message that is being shared. There were a few times where he had to stop, make sure the kid was alright to prove to the parent, and then explain that a video was being shot.

When people see the “flasher” whether they are part of the incident or not, will often run to the aid of the people who are being flashed in order to get the person doing the flashing under control. This shows that there is still good in people.

It certainly made people more aware. It was a fun prank, but it also had a few good messages. Stay in school and Don’t do drugs