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Google Voice Not Working On Iphone How do i fix it?


Are you facing issues and problems whenever your trying to use Google Voice On Your Iphone?  If you enjoy using Google Home and Google Assistant devices and enjoy using the Google assistant overall but you’re an iPhone user you may or may not have realized that you have a problem with the iPhone if you want to use the Google Assistant on it hands-free.

If so keep reading to find the four best solutions to troubleshooting the most common issues.


Solution 1 – Activate the Voice Assistant

If you have activated Google voice assistant then when you say Hey Google, you can see the Google voice assistant should automatically start. But in case it does not activate when you say Hey Google then let us see how to fix the issue. For that one go to “Settings”. Scroll down. Go to “Google” application.

Go to “Account services”. Go to “search assistant and voice”. We will go to “voice”. We will go to “voice match” and make sure that this option is select for “Hey Google”. If it is disabled like this one.

Enable it. Again go back and then again go back one more time. Under “Language and Region” let us select, go to “search language”. Make sure that it is always “English”. If it is in some other language, make sure that it is English.

Now let us again go back. Back.

Le me go to “Google Assistant”. Let me go to “Phone” here. Make sure that this “Google Assistant”, it is also enabled.

So, we have to make sure that this Google assistant is enabled and Language is English. Now the last thing what we will do is we will go to “settings” again. Scroll down. Go to applications. Scroll down and we will look for Google application.

Select it.

Go to “Storage”. Clear cache. Select “manage storage”. Then select “clear all data”.

OK. So, I have cleared the cache files and data for Google application also. After you have done all of the things, check if the google voice assistant works or not..

Solution 2 – Enable the microphone for Google Voice

The microphone is the first requirement to send your voice to Google Voice. So make sure that microphone is enabled for Google Voice. For this follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone and then tap on Privacy.
  • Now tap on Microphone and then find the apps that need a microphone.
  • After that choose Google Voice and then enable the microphone for it.

Solution 3 – Check for Recent Google Voice App Updates

Make sure that your Google Voice app is up to date. Every update brings lots of new features and bug fixes. To update, go to the App Store and then tap on the Updates tab. Now update Google Voice to the latest version if any available.

If none of these solution work then try the old tried and tested …

Solution 4 – Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone may fix various technical issues. And if you are still confronting any problem, then restart your iPhone. For this, press and hold the power or lock button and then swipe the screen to right side for restart.

Hopefully, these methods can fix Google Voice not working problem easily that you confronting on your iPhone.