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    Can You Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight Quiz


    Welcome to your Can You Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight Quiz

    Trying not to overeat at an all-you-eat buffet is a big challenge if you’re trying to lose weight. What’s the single worst thing you can do when eating at a restaurant with a buffet?

    What amount of chocolate will really satisfy?

    If you see it, you’ll eat it. When left on the kitchen counter, which one of the following tempting snacks can lead to the most weight gain?

    To help rein in your appetite, how should you start a meal?

    Can’t stop reaching for another handful of popcorn or potato chips? Pick the easiest way to curb your desire to snack.

    Grocery shopping on an empty stomach often leads to unhealthier food purchases. What should you do before you grab a cart?

    Unable to resist the candy dish in your office? Where should you place it to avoid temptation?

    Restaurants can be hazardous to your waistline. Where should you sit to make them safer havens for your smart eating intentions?

    True or False: All it takes to lose some weight is making one small change to your current eating habits.

    You’re at a party eyeing the bountiful spread your host has set out. How do you avoid overstuffing yourself?


    How should you react if you don’t meet your weekly health goals?