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5 Proven Steps To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast!


If you have noticed the signs of bed bugs, you probably wondering about how to get rid of them. Don’t think that you immediately have to call an exterminator.

Knowing just how to get rid of bed bugs isn’t in itself difficult, and you can save a lot of time and money.

Have a look at some of the tips lined out below if you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs.

In one bed bugs lifetime, it can lay up to 500 eggs, or 1 to 5 a day.

  • Bed bugs can stow away on your clothes, bags, and mattresses, infest your home, and lay thousands of eggs in the process.
  • They feed on human blood and swell to twice their body weight.
  • Despite our best efforts, bed bugs are hard to kill and infestations are only getting worse.
  • Part of the problem is that bed bugs are developing resistance to pesticides, and experts worry we’re running out of options.

1Step 1: Have A Clean Room With Removed Clutter

The symptoms and side effects of bed bug bites can be irritating and uncomfortable, to say the least. The first step in knowing how to get rid of bed bugs is to clean your room and remove all of the clutter. Everything must be washed. Anything that cannot go into the washing machine should be encased in plastic bags. With no source of food, this ensures that the bedbugs die. However, it can take several months for this to happen.