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Is Premier Care in Bathing Really Worth It? A Guide to Walk In Baths

If you or someone you love is having a difficult time getting in and out of the bath or shower these days you might be wondering if a walk in tub is really the best solution.

A bath may have once been something that you stepped into with ease but has over time perhaps become more of an obstacle. Now thanks to premier walk in baths you can rediscover the luxury of a long, satisfying soak. Premier designed the first walk in bath over 25 years ago, and our experience in this area is unmatched with a comprehensive range of designs, all of which are precision made by hand.

Premier walk-in tubs

They can satisfy every need from the simplicity of an ultra-low threshold walk in bath to a powered version to assist wheelchair users. Naturally your personal circumstances are the deciding factor in which bath is right for you, but rest assured that enjoying the therapeutic benefits of bathing can once again be yours easily and affordably thanks to premier, but there is more to our baths than simply a relaxing soak.

All our baths can include a host of luxury’s to make bathing even more satisfying. Our unique hydrovescent spa system gently massages your body with thousands of tiny champagne like bubbles encouraging blood circulation relaxing your muscles and helping ease the pain of conditions such as arthritis rheumatism and diabetes. You could enjoy a stay warm heated seat or ever warm temperature control that keeps the water warm for as long as you bathe whilst also cutting down on heating bills.

Chromatherapy might sound new but its based on an ancient form of medicine that harnesses the benefits of different coloured light waves have on both mind and body. Whilst also creating a truly luxurious experience. Whatever your needs a premier care walk in bath can help you rediscover the unique pleasure of bathing.

The Jacuzzi walk in tub has many features. But primarily it helps people stay focused on their independence and you can have the luxury of a bath at your own convenience. The tub opens up. You are able to step over a very low platform and there’s a seat in here. You close it, lock it. The water stays perpetually warm or whatever temperature you want it. And all the jets that are in here and the water bubble jets as well make you feel very good and caresses your body and you maintain your independence and your health that much more..