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How to Lose Baby Weight Fast After Pregnancy


Losing weight after pregnancy can be a real struggle, as most moms find themselves deprived of sleep and rest. This does not allow them to get on a suitable diet and exercise workout routine, resulting in putting on even more weight than before giving birth to their little one.

But it is possible to turn over a new leaf and quickly shed the extra baby weight with just a few tips incorporated in your daily routine.

Let’s find out how to lose baby weight QUICKLY and without any serious changes in your life.

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

This is a very common question, especially among new mothers. Now that the new baby is born, mothers are worried about three things. These are when to feed the baby, what to do when one cries, and how to lose weight.

If you started at a normal weight and gained around 25 to 35 pounds, then it will take several months to achieve your weight before pregnancy.

However, if you were already overweight before or you have put on more weight during pregnancy, then losing weight might take up to a year. And any weight you can’t lose will stick with you for a long time.

Most doctors don’t recommend losing weight fast after pregnancy. According to them, a more gradual approach to weight loss is safer. With that in mind, below are some of the tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Breastfeeding has been directly linked to weight loss after pregnancy. This is yet another advantage coming from breastfeeding, apart from its valuable nutrition benefiting your baby.

You should know that your calorie intake is much higher when you breastfeed. Even without doing anything else, you can lose a lot of weight by maintaining the same calorie deficit and breastfeeding.

On the downside, the calorie intake should be adjusted accordingly after stopping to breastfeed your baby.

Try to take some naps throughout the day, if this is possible. Weight loss is associated with hormonal balance, and your hormones are balanced when you sleep.

So it makes sense why you need 8 hours of sleep every day – or many short naps to make up for your daily requirements.

When you need to snack on something, choose prudently. Do not reach for those chips or candy, as they will not offer you anything nutrition-wise and they will fill you with empty calories.

Instead, you should go for nuts and seeds, whole grain foods and fruit as snacks. They will keep you full longer and they will reward you in the long run.

If you are searching how to lose weight fast, do not give in to temptation to follow a fad diet. This will only offer short term weight loss and damage your health. In addition, it may compromise the quality of your breastfeeding.

It is much better to follow a balanced, healthy diet plan and preferably a plan that has been given to you by an expert.

Finally, you should try to move around more. Even if you are at home, you can build your muscle by playing with your baby to build up strength in your arms instead of lifting weights.

If the weather is good, take your baby out for a stroll and use the stroller as your way of working out.

Walk with your friends whenever you want or go shopping without taking the car. There are many different moves that can help you with your struggle on how to lose baby weight fast and reliably.