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8 Things You Did Not Know About Eva Ekeblad


You can probably think of a few great people in history who did big things and made great strides toward something incredible. But one name you may not have heard of before is Eva Ekeblad. Eva lived quite an extraordinary life and accomplished a great deal for a woman who lived in an age where her sex was considered inferior. Here are 8 neat facts about Eva Ekeblad.

1. Eva Ekeblad Had a Big Family

Eva married at the young age of just sixteen to count Magnus Julius De la Gardie. Together they had seven children; one son and six daughters.

2. Eva Ekeblad Had Ties to Royalty

Eva and her family all had ties to royalty. Eva herself was married to a duke. All of her children grew to also marry into royalty. She was even on friendly terms with the queen herself.

3. Eva Ekeblad Managed Several Estates

Despite managing estates being a man’s duty, Eva managed several of her own, especially after her husband passed away. She not only managed their estate together after his passing, but she also managed her son’s estate for a while as well as a third estate.

4. Her Science Saved Lives

Eva discovered a method of making alcohol and flour out of potatoes. This was huge in her time! Up until her discovery, people were still using wheat, rye, and barley for such things and famine was no stranger in that country. Her scientific discoveries changed everything and because potatoes were not a staple, it meant that more wheat, rye, and barely were available to the people to eat. In fact, she would often wear the flower of the potato in her hair, to advertise it.

5. More Potato Science

Not only did she create a way to make flour and alcohol from potatoes, but she also found a way to bleach cotton textiles and yarn with soap. This actually replaced the dangerous ingredients in the cosmetics of the time, by using potato flour in their stead.

6. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Eva was the very first woman ever elected to The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. She was only considered an honorary and not an actual member though. Back then, the statutes confined membership to men only. Nonetheless, it was still a pretty big honor for that time period.

7. She Hosted Salons

Salons were places that people could get together for inspiration. They would share ideas, broaden their horizons, and talk about interesting topics. Much like a bar is today, these salons were where everybody went to. Eva hosted many of them and had a real way with people. She had a reputation for being quite loquacious.

8. She Turned Down a Position at Court

Being on friendly terms with the queen, Eva was granted the opportunity to be a lady in waiting, which was a very big deal for her time. Eva was very flattered but refused it, due to her declining health.


As you can see, Eva was a fascinating woman and made great strides in science. What an incredible lady.

10 Red Hot Snowmen Caught On Camera


The last weeks of winter are seemingly never-ending for some. But if you have a sense of humor as we do the snowfall and rising temperatures make for perfect snowman conditions. And if you’re so over the regular roly-poly Frosty the Snowman, post-Christmas is the perfect time to get a little more creative with building one or a number. Check out these epic snow monsters that will keep you smiling right through to the home stretch, We loved them !

1Too Soon Snowman

This Calgary, Alberta snowman protests his very existence as snow fell even before the autumnal equinox.


Some Parents Are Just Too Serious, But Not These 34 People


Hey, Mums and Dads: do you think you’re funny? If you’re anything like the parents in these 34 photos, you probably have a second career in comedy in the works. These photos range from fathers learning the time-honored art of selfies to Moms pranking their son’s first girlfriend. They are not to be missed, as you might learn some new tricks to keep your kids on their toes.



This Couple Found That Buried In Their Back Yard. You Will NEVER Guess What It Is.


We found out and we knew we need to share this story with you.

Last February, a couple from Northern California was walking their dog on their property on a trail they had walked for many years, when they spotted something buried in the shadow of an old tree. Although they lived in Gold Country, they never expected something like this to happen.

1Under the tree, they found eight cans. 


12 Archaeological Finds You Won’t Believe Were Found On Our Earth


Archaeology isn’t always the most interesting of subjects we know, not until there is some sort of jaw-dropping type of discovery which we find, that is. The time they discovered the legendary lost civilization of the Monkey God, for instance. What we find of past civilizations, cultures and cities is astounding and eye-opening. It helps paint a much clearer picture of the world that existed before our time, and sometimes the history books just do not have it always right. Here are some archaeological finds you may never have read about in history class.

You are going to question what was living on our planet after you see the below pictures…

11. The Unfinished Obelisk.

via Ashtronort

This obelisk was carved directly from bedrock, but after cracks appeared in the granite it was abandoned.


16 Camera Hacks To Take Flawless Pictures Everyday


Since we’re living in a world where everything we do, see, eat, drink, love, want (and on and on) are photographed especially in the last few years.  it’s important to make those pics stand out from the rest, making each a special unique picture. We’re not all professional photographers (despite what our Instagram personas may suggest) and we don’t all have the money to buy expensive add-ons and tools of the trade which are pricey. Check out this list here at AllViralPosts of 16 camera hacks and see what wonderful stuff you can come up with. Move over Annie Leibovitz…

11. Stylized vintage photos using Vaseline


This Is How You’ll Identify Your Type of Obesity And Fight It


According to scientific proofs, there are 6 types of obesity, caused by several factors. Make sure you identify yours…

1Obesity of food

The most common type of obesity in the world – excessive food and sugar intake.

What to do? Reduce your intake, obviously, and exercise for at least half an hour a day.


Man Flashes at the Playground and Dad Takes Action


He’s Flashing Kids At The Playground. When You See What Dad Does? Wow!

Periodically, news hits the internet about a real creep. In this instance, it was a man wearing a bathrobe who decided to flash while at a playground. It’s unfortunate to hear that such things happen. However, sometimes it can be a good thing when kids are flashed – as long as there is a positive message behind it all. This is what happened here.

A man in a bathrobe decided to flash at a playground. However, underneath the robe, he was completely dressed. The message that he was trying to get across was on his t-shirt: STAY IN SCHOOL.

The man first goes up to a little boy on a slide and then flashes his robe wide open. Within seconds, a woman comes running up behind him and smacks him with her purse. He starts laughing and is finally able to get his robe open to show her what’s going on. She then realizes what he has done and walks away.

It happens again when a woman and her daughter are walking into a playground and he steps in front of the daughter and says “Peek a Boo!” and flashes his robe. She starts to yell and then he opens his robe up wider so the mother can read the message. He gave her a hug and then asked the woman if he really thought he would do something like that.

The man does it once again in a park and exposes what’s underneath his robe. The father of the girl sees and tears after him, giving him a push. The message this time: DON’T DO DRUGS. The father and him have a good laugh and then he’s off to his next “victim”.

He approaches another girl in her teens with the same message and the mom stops him. It is the daughter that explains to the mom that his flashing is of the good kind because of his message.

The joke continues throughout many people and the reaction is almost always the same. People would rather assume the worst and think that someone is flashing their children than to take the time and read the actual message that is being shared. There were a few times where he had to stop, make sure the kid was alright to prove to the parent, and then explain that a video was being shot.

When people see the “flasher” whether they are part of the incident or not, will often run to the aid of the people who are being flashed in order to get the person doing the flashing under control. This shows that there is still good in people.

It certainly made people more aware. It was a fun prank, but it also had a few good messages. Stay in school and Don’t do drugs

24 Types Of People Who Should Have Their Gym Membership Revoked


Going to the gym has been one of the common routines of those people who have the desire to stay fit and in shape. Some are even investing on gym membership just to enjoy and access gyms facilities exclusively. One of the reasons why many men and women are eager to have gym membership is to achieve successful weight loss. It is known that gym memberships are now marketed as successful gateway to effective fat burning.

With the increasing numbers of overweight people, membership to a gym can be a solid solution to beat obesity, high blood and depression. Clearly, gyms play essential role in health, fitness and well-being. Putting an effort of going to the gym is admirable however; you have to make sure that sweating and staying on this facility are all worth it. Although many are aspiring to have an exclusive gym membership, there are also those people who should have their membership revoked.

Unless your gym got a really great insurance, you do not really want these people to join or else, you will regret it. They are as follows:

1I did not really come to the gym to work out


9 Celeb Couples We Didn’t Know Had Huge Age Gaps


We all tend to get a little curious when it comes to celebrity couples and the age difference between them. It reminds us that age is just a number, and it doesn’t really matter when you’re in love.

1Amal Clooney and George Clooney – 17 years

Since George never seems to age, it comes as a surprise to find out there are nearly 20 years between them.


8 Terribly Awkward Celebrity Interviews


11. When Barbara Walters said this to the Kardashians…


5 Stephan Hawkins Predictions That Could Destroy Humanity


We have LESS than 100 YEARS to save the human race.

The theoretical physicist identified artificial intelligence (AI), nuclear war and genetically-engineered viruses as just some of the man-made problems that pose an imminent threat to humanity.And the 74-year-old said that as we rapidly advance in these fields, there will be “new ways things can go wrong”.

1Greed and stupidity

According to Hawking, there has been a progressive increase in air pollution and the emission of levels of carbon dioxide in the last five years. In an interview with Larry King, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking spoke about the biggest threats to humanity.

He says that air pollution has grown by 8 percent over during this time. Regarding this number, he says that it could be eleven billion by 2100. He says that more than 80 percent of urban dwellers are exposed to such unsafe levels of air pollution. Global warming is the most alarming issue in Earth. He wonders whether it would be too late to avoid the threats of global warming.

During the interview, Hawking recalls having been worried about pollution and overcrowding six years ago expressing that this has not get better since then. In the 2010 interview with King, Hawking expressed his concern about our overcrowding and human stupidity.

“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet,” he said.

Last month, Hawking warned on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, that our country could reach a temperature similar to Venus -a staggering 250C- if we do not pay attention to global warming.

He said that an asteroid collision might not be something to worry about since we do not know how to defend ourselves against such threat: Nevertheless, he thinks it does not seem something that will not be able to happen at any time. The last asteroid collision occurred 70 million years ago, and it killed the dinosaurs.

However for the acclaimed scientist, a more “immediate danger is runaway climate change” Hawking’s explained that hotter ocean temperature could melt the ice caps, resulting in the release of significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the ocean flo


How to Choose the Right Stairlift Type For Your Home


A stairlift is a great solution for those with mobility issues who have trouble with stairs in their home

A stairlift is a great solution for those with mobility issues who have trouble with stairs in their home. Stairlifts are made to help you up and down the stair, giving you easy access to the uppers floors or basement of your home. Handicare has many options available for you to choose from so that your needs and budget are met.

Types of Stair Lifts

The types of stairlifts are straight, standing, outdoor and curved.   The type you need will depend upon the design of your staircase. This can be determined with a few simple questions but without proper help you may select the wrong stairlift type.

A straight stairlift goes up and down one set of stairs in a straight line without any interruptions from landings or platforms, turns or curved steps. Curved stairlifts, however, are much more complex and will bend around corners, and can change direction.

Handicare also manufactures weatherproofed lifts for outdoor steps, and standing stair lifts (also called perch lifts) for those who have trouble bending their knees.

Once you determine the type and location of your stairlift, you will need to compare your needs from physical complications you may have so that the proper features can be added to your stairlift. Another determining factor is the weight of the person or persons that will be using the lift just in case a heavy-duty option is needed.

Once those questions have been answered you will want to select the proper rail color, seat and seat color options so that your stairlift will add to the beauty of your home.

All of this can be done with an In-Home Evaluation by one of our local stairlift partners nationwide. They will use our state of the art Vision App to show the different options available to you and you can see what the stairlift looks like right on your staircase. In the event a curved stairlift is needed, they will use our Photo 3D camera survey system that will ensure perfect fitting for your lift the first time!

How to Make a Sofa Bed


Today we’re gonna make a sofa that turns into a chaise long a bed, has storage underneath and even a coffee table. Let’s Begin! I need a place for friends and family to sit when they come over. I made a few sketches and small scale models to visualize what I was looking for but none of them seemed to work both aesthetically and functionally Until I came up with this simple looking idea. I challenged myself to create this piece of furniture without using any specific metal hardware to flip. The width is around 1 meter and it was made to fit a specific place near my desk. So the way I built this is appropriate for small sofas and if your idea is to make it larger than 1 meter, you should reinforce the sitting board with steel bar or try some design changes.

I used 2 sheets of 21mm birch plywood and you can build the whole project using just a circular saw and a drill. I will use some other power tools because I have them. I got the main cuts done at the lumber store and now I am getting everything perfectly sized. To join the pieces together I utilized a doweling jig from Rockler that is really easy to use and I get perfect results with it. I just simply created lines on the pieces to be connected and then aligned the mark on the jig with the pencil line. Clamp it and drill the hole. The same goes for the vertical holes. Then I grab some 3/8th or 9,5 mm dowels and glue everything in place. Since I don’t have many clamps, I had to wait for every joint to be glued to move on to the next one. The back of the bottom module will be closed and I thought it was better to insert the back piece in place and trace the pencil line so I could later repeat the doweling process and get it nicely fitted.

This bar clamp came out very convenient I could slide off the jaw, insert the bar in the tight space between the other clamps and then reattach the jaw in the correct position. On the bottom module I screwed two strips of plywood instead of a full board because it just wasn’t necessary and would make the whole box much heavier for no good reason Checking for fit and seems good that I can still slide out the bottom module with me stitting over the main module, which means the birch plywood doesn’t flex that much.

I cleaned the burned edges a bit before going ahead and cut the triangles for the backboard. I just quickly made a jig for my table saw to easily cut the diagonals for these two rectangles. I always like to check how things are going before attaching and gluing them together. I marked the ends of the triangles so I knew where to glue them and repeated all the doweling jig procedures. Just pay attention to how deep you are drilling the holes so you don’t end up going all the way through the material. I used the complementary triangle to help with the clamping. While the glue was drying I added a back piece to the main seat module. I just want to take a few seconds to thank all my patreon supporters I’m actually providing the plans for this project to all my patrons as a manner of saying thank you for all the amazing support and being waiting so patiently I’ll put the link below in case you want to take a look. I scraped off the glue and flushed everything with a block plane.

To make the drawer I wanted to use some scraps of plywood and hardboard that I had, since they didn’t matter as much in terms of aspect. So I brought the table saw out, like I usually do to avoid making big quantities of dust inside and was actually quite hard to find a moment to make these cuts since it was raining so much all the time on the last weeks here in Porto.

So I cut the two sides for the drawer and the false front from the same birch plywood I used in the project and the front and back from the other random plywood I had. I needed to create a groove for the bottom piece to fit in so I removed the splitter from the insert plate and sneaked the cut until I got it right.

You can also use a router to make this groove or even the circular saw as I mentioned before that this project can be done just using it along with a drill. I didn’t want any nails or screws showing up on the sides of the drawer so I created sort of a rabbet to join the pieces together with pin nails and screws that will later be covered by the false front. The drawer was pretty big so I thought it was a good idea to add some hardwood strip in the middle So I created some pockets for the wood strip and finally glued and attach the drawer pieces At this point the drawer didn’t fit inside the module spacing adding the drawer slides So I had to remove a bit of material on each side At first I was really annoyed but then I accepted the mistake and ended up turning it into a nice visual detail.

So I painted it white because the inner plies don’t look as good as the outer faces of the plywood and also painted the hardboard for the drawer bottom and cut it to size by removing all the edges that weren’t in good shape. Made some final touch on the drawer side and then I inserted and screwed the bottom board. I wanted to get rid of that dark spot on the face of the drawer so i cut the hole for the hand with that intention in mind. I don’t have a vise and these handscrew clamps come really handy when holding workpieces to the table.

These strips will bring the top of the module fairly leveled to the main sitting module so you don’t feel uneveness when you set it up to bed mode. Here I traced the contours on both parts to find the exact center of the squares. Then I drilled some holes and sliced a 15 mm dowel to fit in half of the holes. Those little bumps will allow the strips to engage with the module. Now it’s time to figure out the correct spot for the pivot point. There are endless options but in my case, I wanted to preserve as much as possible of the sitting surface as well as getting the smallest gap possible when the backboard is positioned horizontally. I had to make sure I got enough clearance for the pivoting action to happen so that the backboard doesn’t hit the horizontal board. Also, when we push the backboard down, the square angle of the triangle wants to go below the floor, which, in fact, makes the sitting module lift a bit when the rotation occurs.

But that doesn’t really matter and it will work just fine. Just make sure no one is sitting on the sofa when you push it down This is what I used to hold the backboard to the sitting module. I don’t know how these are called, but I guess they are very commonly used in outdoor wooden furniture. I clamped a piece of wood to prevent tear out and threaded the metal fasteners with two hex keys. Turned out that the triangles were a bit too small to match the height of the sides of the sofa so I had to glue a strip of wood.

I also painted it white to match the detail on the sides of the drawer and this way everything seems more connected. Before painting, I filled the nail holes and some wood defects and let it to dry. I then sanded everything nicely and masked the areas for the paint. This is a jig I made specifically to drill holes in the exact same place on each edge of different pieces. I will be connecting the triangles with powerful magnets but at this point I wasn’t sure I would need something else to assure it’s stability. So I had the idea of having some wedges reinforcing the connection of the triangles but then I realized that the magnets were holding both pieces very firmly so there was no need to use the wedges.

I needed to add a little dowel though, just to prevent the outer triangles to slide off while the rotation occurs. I finally sanded everything smooth by hand and applied four coats of acrylic matt varnish with light sanding in between. I reattached the backboard to the sitting module and made sure it was working just fine. Then I traced the thickness of the false front so I could screw the drawer slides in the proper place. I put some scrap plywood and two metal strips inside the cabinet to raise the drawer just a tiny bit and screwed it to the slides.

I removed some material from the inside front to clear out the hole for the hand and installed the main front in place. Now let’s work on the fluffy part of the project. Yet not so fluffy for my patience… I used 8 cm good quality foam and wrapped it with some polyester batting. I used spray adhesive to stick the materials together and repeated the process for the three foams pieces. This is the fabric and here I was trying to figure out how to sew it.

It wasn’t easy and I was lucky to have an old floor cushion to study how the folds were made. Still, I couldn’t figure it out just by looking at it assembled, so I tore it apart to clearly see what was going on on each fold. I inserted and removed the foam three times to make sure it was going well in each sewing step and I must say it is a pain in the ass to insert them but it the end it worked really well. I just didn’t want to make the cushions all separate because I was afraid they would wiggle around too much when sitting and laying on the sofa, so that’s why I ended up making sort of a mattress that is foldable. Aaaand it’s done.

I feel proud of being able to bring this idea to shape that is full of small details that you might not see when looking at the overall piece. And I am really happy that I turned the small mistakes into design details that actually give the whole piece an unique look and personality.

So I hope you enjoyed this project as well as the story of how I built it even though it came out pretty short and compressed.

For more details check out the Plans that can be found in the description. The sofa is plenty strong for the purpose and I accomplished the idea of turning a sofa into a multi functional piece of furniture without using any specific metal hardware, and I hope this can be interesting to you as well.

How to Choose the Perfect Home Security Camera System


How to Choose the Perfect Home Security Camera System

1Wired or Wireless

CCTV security camera on white background. 3d

A home security camera systems allow you monitor activity in and around your house. Whether you want to monitor your children while they are in the other room, or the handyman as he works around your valuables, or even monitor the outside of your home for suspicious activity, a home security camera system is invaluable. If you have not yet chosen to do so, installing a home security camera system is imperative to providing a peace of mind for you and your family. For those individuals who are currently in the market for a home security camera system, there are some things to consider to help you find the perfect product for you and your family’s needs.


How To Make A Strikethrough In Gmail


1Can you do strikethrough in Gmail?

Ever tried to make strikethrough on Gmail when typing an email? Well, i have and this is what i figured out. The simple answer is that although there never use to be a direct option to strikethrough in Gmail, Google recently announced that Gmail is getting a strikethrough button in its formatting bar. In addition, it’s also getting Undo/Redo options and the ability to download emails as .EML files.

There really isn’t much more to be said about this, but if you ever wanted to use strikethrough in an email to show that you edited something out, then your time has come. Same for those of you who always wanted to see undo and redo buttons in Gmail because you keep forgetting the keyboard shortcuts for those.

You can also do it in these following three ways:


How To Quit Facebook And Online Addiction


Though there are a number of benefits of social media, it does present a number of problems. The truth is that social media is a relatively new phenomena, and we do not yet fully understand the implication it has on our daily lives.

Digital Cocaine speculates what the dangers of our phones and social media might be, but more and more people are actually considering the option of unplugging for personal reasons.

On average, we waste about 40 minutes of every day perusing our time lines and this number is on the rise. Not to mention, Facebook is a cesspool of fake news…real fake news, that people don’t bother verifying before sharing.

If you have tried the break away from social media and you are ready to make the leap, you might have been wondering how to quit Facebook.

So, do you want out? Here’s how to quit Facebook once and for all.

1The Repercussions of Facebook

Many of us have a habit of using Facebook each day.

Unfortunately, (and just like any other habit) Facebook has the ability to interfere with our daily lives which can inevitably have far reaching consequences.

Apart from the fact that it can be counterproductive at work, many employees have been fired as a direct result of their Facebook usage.


7 Powerful Herbal Remedies You Can Grow At Home


Some of the world’s best medicine can be grown in your backyard. In fact, you might already have some in your herb garden. Maybe you’re even using one or two of these as supplements.

There’s no denying the powerful remedies that are found in herbs.

While we have to advise seeking medical attention if necessary, these plants can provide relief from common aches, pains and illnesses without side effects.

Therefore, you can use these natural herbal remedies without worrying about what if’s, knowing that it can’t hurt to try within reason. We’re talking about topical treatments for sore muscles, cold killers, natural sleep aids and more.

17. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a natural anxiety remedies, and it has stress-busting benefits. It’s also good for a myriad of other issues. Applying lemon balm-infused lip balm can shorten the lifespan of cold sores.

Lemon balm is also a great way to beat insomnia and get better sleep. You can also use it for miscellaneous pains, namely toothaches and cramps. Lastly, it’s being researched for mental health benefits including therapeutic treatment for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or in people with ADHD.

Having lemon balm essential oils or tea handy is a relaxing way to wind down and get a few added mood benefits. Finally, remember not to combine this herb with other sedative-like drugs.


5 Delicious & Low-Carb Shirataki Noodles Recipes


If you’ve never heard of shirataki noodles, I have to warn you: your mind might be blown. These noodles are thin and translucent with a gelatinous texture, but don’t let its looks throw you off. They’re made from konjac yam, but mostly comprised of just water and a water-soluble fibre called glucomannan.

You can purchase them dry or wet, but you’re most likely to find them in “wet” packages. When you open it, you will almost definitely be put off by the smell, but a quick rinse and/or par-boil can help with that. After that, you’re ready to make some delicious, low-carb dishes! Each serving is very low in both calories and carbohydrates. In fact, many labels boast “zero calorie,” which might mean each package contains up to ten or so altogether. Since they’re sourced from yam, they’re inherently gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly.

They make all different types of shirataki noodles, too. Fettuccine, angel hair pasta, rice… you name it. They’re most often used in Asian-inspired dishes and cold noodle meals, but they make a fabulous starter ingredient for getting creative, and easily take on the taste of the other foods and sauces you serve them with. If you’re missing noodles in your life, these recipes are the answer.

Shirataki Noodles Recipes

This recipe is a complete meal with fresh salmon and veggies, plus a citrus-infused sesame dressing. This is a great meal prep dish to put together for a no-heat-required office lunch. And trust us – you will want to make a big batch of this dressing to use for other dishes, too!


5 Ways How To Write a Cover Letter That Rocks


Cover letters are your chance to make a great first impression. It’s the first thing a prospective employer will see, which means it needs to stand out among all the other applications.

Here’s how to write a cover letter that’s sure to get you noticed.

1Getting Started

Your cover letter will start with a salutation such as “Dear John.” However, you’ll want to make the salutation formal by adding Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

If you don’t know the human resources manager’s name, you can use something like “Dear Human Resources Department,” or “Dear Hiring Manager.”

If you have no other option, you can use “To Whom it May Concern,” but finding out the person’s name shows initiative and resourcefulness.

It also shows that you’ve done your research, and the job is important to you.

Did you know that the world’s first resume was written by Leonardo Da Vinci, who was said to have created in 1482 as a means of gaining employment in the city of Milan.


6 Simple Ways To Get Rid of Mice


Want to know how to get rid of mice fast? Do you suspect having mice in your home? Maybe you have spotted one or two running around during the daytime. Small dark droppings are another indication you may have a mice problem.

If you have come across these and have also heard scratching noises, chances are that mice are getting comfortable in your home.

Mice can be very destructive pests, and the sooner you eliminate them the better. Moreover, they carry many diseases and are a real health threat.

In this article, we discuss various ways on how to get rid of mice.

1Block the mouse entry points

For the mice to have accessed your home in the first place, they must have entered from somewhere. Therefore, find out where exactly these rodents are coming from.

The points can be a bit difficult to locate, but indications such as feces and greasy stains could help you follow a trail.

It might even take you a day or two to figure out where all the entry points are.

Once you spot these entry points, mark them and ensure to seal all of them both from the inside and the outside.


Locked Out? How To Open a Locked Door


There are many reasons why you would need to know how to open a locked door.

Imagine this scenario: you are rushing to leave the house, run out the door, and shut it behind you. It locks automatically, and then almost immediately, a feeling of dread washes over you. The door is locked and your keys are inside.

An interesting fact, did you know residents of Chicago alone average around 200 lockouts a day. Mostly due to rushing to work, rushing home, and not owning duplicate keys.

Before you call a locksmith, which could cost $100s of dollars, there are some things that you can do if you are trying to get in.

It doesn’t matter what type of door it is, if you want to know how to open a locked door, try the methods, below:

How to open a Locked Door with a Credit Card

If you are looking for information on how to open a locked door with a spring lock, a credit card is the easiest way.

Take a credit card and force it between the door frame and the lock. Keep the card adjacent to the frame, and then push it back. This should force the lock back into the door, allowing you to open it.

Unlock with a Bump Key

If you don’t have a spring lock, or you are looking for another method, a bump key can work. What is a bump key?

how to open a locked door bump keyIt is a key that won’t necessarily turn in the lock, but you can use it to open the door. You might find bump keys online, but it’s more likely that you have to make one.

Once you have the bump key made, insert it into the door, but don’t push it past the last pin.

With the key in place, hit it with a large rubber mallet. The force pushes the final pin and opens the lock.

Pick the Lock

Making a bump key is a bit complicated, so picking the lock might be easier.

how to open a locked door paper clipUse a tension wrench and a paper clip, bobby pin, or another metal piece that fits into the lock.

This is called your pick. Insert the tension wrench into the lock and apply pressure. Insert the pick above the wrench.

Move the pick to find where each pin is, and then push the pin up.

The door opens when all pins are in the up position.

Remove the Hinges

You might also consider removing the hinges of the door. Usually, you can force the pin from the hinges by inserting a flat head screwdriver between the pin and the hinge.

Once all of the hinges are free, you can remove the entire door.

Drill the Lock

Finally, if nothing else works, consider drilling the lock.

How to open a locked door drillTo do this, use a good quality drill with drill bits. Drill directly into the side of the lock where the pins are. Remove the drill, and use a flat head screwdriver to turn the lock.

If it doesn’t work, use a larger drill bit and make the hole bigger. Eventually, the lock will open.

These are all methods that a locksmith uses. So, if you do them yourself, you can save time and money, while still getting the locked door open.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Witch Hazel – The Secret To Glowing Skin


When it comes to medicine cabinet and skincare staples, there are few things I get as enthusiastic about as witch hazel. I just love this stuff! I was introduced to it by a friend whos European family had been using it for years.

It’s refreshing, effective, and I look forward to using it everyday in the morning and the night. My skin loves to soak this stuff up for good reason, and I’ve found so many creative uses for it.

It’s gentle enough to use 2-3 times per day, and it keeps my skin hydrated, toned, and acne-free.

Because I love it so much, I want to share a little more about witch hazel with you guys today. We’ll talk about what exactly witch hazel is, some of its beneficial properties, and a few awesome ways to use it.

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel or Hamamelis virginiana is a flowering plant with species that grow in North America, China, and Japan. As you can tell, this deciduous shrub is quite beautiful and vibrant!

Not only is this plant a lovely addition to your year-round garden – it’s also a medicinal shrub, and its extract is often used topically as an astringent compound.

It’s quite common to find it as an ingredient in skincare products. In fact, you may have seen it packaged and sold all on its own.

Let’s break it down! The main constituents of witch hazel include calcium oxalate, gallotannins, safrole,  tannins, flavonoids, saponins, choline, gallic acid, and bitters which work together as a powerful skincare tool.

It’s been used for medicinal purposes in Native American culture for many years. Traditionally, the astringent is created by boiling the shrub stems although distillation is necessary for optimal beneficial properties.

The benefits of witch hazel

For skin health, witch hazel is key. It’s no surprise that it’s been used for centuries as a natural topical remedy.

Because it is anti-bacterial, astringent, antioxidant-rich, and anti-inflammatory, it provides a wide range of relieving treatments for all things skin-related which we’ll talk more about below.

Considering the skin is technically the body’s largest organ, it’s vital to take care of that. Naturally, there are foods and certain nutrients that are great for skin health and some of that work is done from the inside out.

In addition to that, it’s important to consider all that our skin is exposed to daily. In our modern world, there’s a whole lot going on and our tough skin takes the brunt of it.

Instead of adding fuel to the fire with unnatural, additive-ridden skincare products, reducing that toxic load begins in your medicine cabinet.

Witch hazel is gentle, mild, and seldom elicits a reaction, making it safe for most people to use without undesired side effects. Not only does it work to give you that natural glow on the face – it’s also a powerful healing agent for minor abrasions, burns, and even hemorrhoids.

Top 10 Uses Of Witch Hazel

11. Everyday Toner

Use witch hazel after washing the face and before applying moisturizer as a natural toner. Toner works to pick up any extra dirt on the face and in the pores while smoothing out the pigmentation of the skin. It also helps keep acne at bay. Simply use a washcloth or cotton ball to gently dab witch hazel on the face, avoiding the eyes. Let dry and apply your favorite moisturizer and/or serum.


How To Get Rid of Fleas

how to get rid of fleas cover

If you have a pet, odds are good that you will need to know how to get rid of fleas.  He or she will bring fleas into the house. However, it’s also possible to have a flea infestation if you don’t have a pet.

Fleas also come from wildlife that finds their way into the basement, attic, or other crawlspaces. Regardless of how you got them, you want to get rid of them. Here are several tips below on how to get rid of fleas below:

Fleas can live for over 100 days without having a meal. In its lifetime, the female flea can lay more than 2,000 eggs.

1Treat Your Pet

The first thing you should do when you want to get rid of fleas is to treat your pet.

There are many different flea removal treatments at your local pet store.

There are also tablets that you can give your pet that kills any flea that bites it.

Don’t just try one flea remedy because the first one might not be effective, and if you have more than one pet, be sure to treat them all at the same time.

You should treat your pets several times over a few days to ensure all of the fleas are gone. Also, don’t forget to wash all blankets, beds, or toys that your pet uses.


4 Tricks I Learned On How To Lose Fat In My Thighs


Almost every person wants to know how to lose fat in thighs. This area is a common concern for people, especially women. The fat that gathers around the thighs is some of the most difficult to get rid of. This makes it also one of the most misunderstood areas of the body.

However, when you change a couple of things in your life, you can see a great improvement in the look and feel of your thighs. Here’s how to lose fat in thighs if you’ve tried everything else.

Many people believe that with the right exercises, they can eliminate fat around the thighs. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

1Increase Your Water Intake

Statistics show us that most people drink more calories than they realize in the form of sugary sodas and juices. It often surprises people that by simply drinking more water they can lose fat around their entire body, including the thighs. Even something that you might think is healthy, like an 8-ounce glass of orange juice, contains 112 calories.

On top of that, most people aren’t sticking to an 8-ounce serving. It’s generally double that. When you increase your water intake, you won’t drink as many sugary drinks, and thus, cut down on calories. This, of course, helps you lose fat.


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